85% Discount Ends Tonight (PST)


85% Discount Ends Tonight (PST)

Do You Want To Learn How To Make GoPro Videos Just Like This One?
Do You Want To Learn How To Make GoPro Videos Just Like This One?
This guy helped me kill my GoPro frustrations in just a few hours...
This guy helped me kill my GoPro frustrations in just a few hours...
I saved for nearly 3 months before I finally got my GoPro and all the little gadgets that go with it. Immediately sped home, strapped on my helmet, jumped on my bike and quickly realized I had no idea what I was doing.

Is it on? What the h#@* is this thing doing? What settings should I use?

Why is it flashing? Where the f*#% is the manual?”

I didn’t even get out of my garage that day… Instead I sat on YouTube for hours. Read what seemed like a never ending number of articles and forum threads, trying to get an idea of what settings to use.

I ended up getting so much information scattered around the internet that made me even more confused 🤯

“How do I mount my damn GoPro so I can look awesome riding my bike?!?! Why does their footage look so much better?”

After about 6 rides and going through hours of crappy footage I came to the gut wrenching conclusion…

“I just blew $400 on a tiny camera I can’t do sh*t with!” (does this sound familiar?) It wasn’t very long after that, I was googling around and found your GoPro training Kit. It helped me turn around my GoPro frustrations, basically guiding me through creating awesome GoPro videos that all my friends love.

Videos that tell stories of our lives and help us travel back in time...
Hey, my name’s Andy and that little intro above was just one of the stories I get to hear all the time.

By the way, I'm a filmmaker and the creator of ProjectGo.Pro, a GoPro video school. I started this website about 7 years ago to help fellow GoPro enthusiasts learn how to use their action camera to document our lives. So far I'm proud to say that my team and I have  helped over 1.5 million of GoPro owners worldwide with our courses and training material.

And it’s been an awesome ride! In doing so we quickly realized tons of people are having similar problems. I mean, GoPro sells millions of these things and 95% of people are lacking just a few essential tips, that keep them from absolute video gold.

So in an effort to help you not completely waste that $400 investment, we set out to pull together a ton of questions and figure just what it takes to create amazing GoPro videos.

After years of learning, shooting, editing, cursing, deleting, charging, swimming, riding, and thinking of clever ways to remember things, we ended up creating a full GoPro training kit that includes tons of GoPro tips, filming techniques, best GoPro accessories, how to tell a story, my full editing workflows and much more, to help you capture your life and look badass doing it!

We call it…

~ The GoPro Filmmakers Kit ~

“Now when I go out, I just set up my GoPro, jam through the menu, pick the best settings and do my thang. No worries, no frustration, just dope ass footage. Rinse & Repeat.” – Nate Davis

Inside, You'll Find...
1. GoPro Filming ebook

Learn dozens of new filmmaking techniques with The GoPro Handbook 
2. Video Course

Learn to edit from start to finish with over 7 hours of Step-by-Step Video Tutorials
3. Cinematic LUT's

Access to over 100+ Cinematic Color Grading LUT's For Travel, Sports, & More

  Click on the Book to See the Table of Contents

The GoPro Handbook: A Professional Guide to Filmmaking
Make your videos more powerful w/ dozens of new filmmaking techniques
The GoPro Handbook is brand new book from Project GoPro detailing the most important lessons of videography. Inside, you'll learn dozens of professional filmmaking techniques.
  • Details: PDF eBook readable on any device (PC, Phone, iPad..)
  • What's inside: Over 130 pages of filming tips and tricks
  • Regular Price: $47.00  (Now included in the Filmmakers Kit!)
GoPro Video Editing Course
Expand your editing skills w/ over 7 hours of step by step instruction
The GoPro Video Editing Academy from ProjectGoPro is a unique video editing series created specifically for GoPro users. Students are taken through an entire editing workflow in Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere Pro from start to finish using powerful sample footage.
  • Details: On-demand video course for Final Cut Pro X & Adobe Premiere Pro
  • What's inside: Lifetime access to over 25 in-depth lessons with sample footage for practicing
  • Regular Price: $199.00  (Now included in the Filmmakers Kit!)
GoPro LUT's Color Grading Pack
Transform Your Photos & Videos w/ 100+ Cinematic Color Grading Presets
The Cinematic GoPro LUT's Pack from Project GoPro is a transformative collection of cinematic color presets that can be applied to any footage (or photo) in seconds.
  • Details: Digital files compatible w/ Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve & more
  •  What's inside: 106 Cinematic Color Grading LUT's
  • Regular Price: $97.00  (Now included in the Filmmakers Kit!)
What Our Fellow Video Creators Say...
"Definitely recommend it if you want to step up your GoPro game!"
Justin Farrell
Denver, Colorado (USA)
"This was perfect for me to get started! I am so excited to make my first GoPro video on my next trip now."
Alisha Van Bever
Brussels (Belgium)
"This really helped me understand the nuances of using a GoPro. You’ll get so much more joy out of your GoPro after this."
Josh Sabes
San Diego, California (USA)
+5 FREE Bonuses!
Value: $493
FREE when you join GoPro Filmmakers Kit
1-Year of Premium Support from your mentor
If you have any doubts or questions, you can just reach out to my personal email address to get the support you need.
  • Value: $99.00/year (Now included in the Filmmakers Kit!)
Private Facebook Group
You will be part of our growing community of video creators to keep you inspired and supported along the way.
  • Value: $99.00/year (Now included in the Filmmakers Kit!)
300-Pack of Premium Color Grading Presets
With 300+ extra Color Grading Filters you will never run out of color styles!  The Landscape Pack, Underwater Pack, & Vintage Pack will get you covered with most video projects you are working on.
  • Value: $149.00 (Now included in the Filmmakers Kit!)
30-Pack of Smooth Transitions
This is a 30-Pack of drag-and-drop smooth transitions for Adobe Premiere Pro & Final Cut Pro X. Included transitions: Smooth Slide, Spin, Wipe, Whip and Zoom (Sam Kolder style), and more!
  • Value: $49.00 (Now included in the Filmmakers Kit!)
30-Pack of Animated Titles and Lower Thirds
Add more character to your videos with 30 modern, animated titles. Easy to apply! Just drag and drop in Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro.
  • Value: $49.00 (Now included in the Filmmakers Kit!)
Your Personal Mentor
My name is Andy, filmmaker & long-time GoPro user. I am the creator of ProjectGoPro and will be your personal mentor through the program. You will have access to our support email address for any questions you have along the way. I’ve had the opportunity to work and create video content for media companies all around the world. I know what it takes to create high quality video, and I can’t wait to share my insights with you.
Discover the secrets for making great videos with...
The GoPro Filmmakers Kit
Kit's Value:  $793 
(including bonuses)
Normally: $347
Today Only: $49
The GoPro Filmmakers Kit Comes With A
30 Day Money-Back Guarantee!
If you’re not happy with GoPro Filmmakers Academy for any reason, just let me know and I’ll refund your payment. All you have to do is send an email to team@projectgo.pro and you’ll get all your money back. 
So you don’t have to make the final decision right now. 
Just sign up now to lock in this deal, see if you like the training, and then make your final decision.
"In my work, I use GoPro’s, drones, & DSLRs – in all instances, the LUTs and Transitions included in the Filmmakers Kit have made a big impact over the quality of my videos"
Jamie Onisto
London (UK)
"As a complete beginner I looked all over the internet about how to use the Hero 7 - I came across this training and I’m super happy with it. I got so much value out of my mentor's video review."
Patrick Keane
Limerick (Ireland)
"This bundle is packed with tons of value. I loved the Color Grading Packs included in the Filmmakers Kit! My music videos look way more professional now."
Sara Lorenzo Cantera
Palencia (Spain)
Frequently Asked Questions
Who created the GoPro Filmmakers Kit?
The GoPro Filmmakers Kit was created by the team behind Project GoPro.
What if I just bought my GoPro and I don't have experience yet?
The GoPro Filmmakers Kit offers great all-around training with The GoPro Handbook & GoPro Video Editing course.  This training is meant for beginner and intermediate users.
What if I don't have professional video editing software or an advanced computer?
To get the maximum benefit from the GoPro Video Editing Course, GoPro Transitions Pack, GoPro Titles Pack, & the Color Grading LUTs you'll need a computer capable of editing video and access to Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro.
How do I receive the GoPro Filmmakers Kit?
Once payment is accepted, you'll receive an email to login into our online school, where you'll gain unlimited access to the GoPro Filmmakers Kit and all bonuses included.
Who is the GoPro Filmmakers Kit for?
The GoPro Filmmakers Kit is great for both new GoPro owners who would like to learn the basics, and for filmmakers who’d like to learn more about filming with GoPros as well as having all the editing tools (400+ Color Grading LUTs,  Titles & Transitions) in one place.
Do you offer refunds?
Yes! Project GoPro will allow the return of any product within 30 days of purchase. Contact us 24/7 at team@projectgo.pro. For more details see our return policy.
Do I need experience?
In short, no. The products included in the GoPro Filmmakers Kit are meant for beginner and intermediate users. No technical experience is required.
What is Project GoPro?
Project GoPro is the largest GoPro site for beginners with easy to understand tutorials for mastering the basics and beyond. Since launching, Project GoPro’s tips, tricks and other resources have attracted over 1.5 million GoPro owners.
What is the GoPro Book?
The GoPro Handbook: A Professional Guide to Filmmaking by Project GoPro is an in-depth guide design to walk GoPro users through both the basics of videography, as well as the advanced techniques of filmmaking.
What is the GoPro Editing Course?
GoPro Video Editing Course by Project GoPro is an in-depth video editing course for Final Cut Pro X & Adobe Premiere Pro (both taught separately).
What is the GoPro LUT's Pack?
The GoPro LUTs Color Grading Pack by Project GoPro is a collection of 106 cinematic color grading presets, or LUT's (LookUpTable) designed for GoPro footage.
What is the GoPro Transitions Pack?
The GoPro Transitions Pack by Project GoPro is a collection of professional transitions for Final Cut Pro X & Adobe Premiere Pro designed to enhance your videos.
What is the GoPro Titles Pack?
The GoPro Titles Pack by Project GoPro is a collection of professional titles to use in your edits with Final Cut Pro X & Adobe Premiere Pro.
Still on the fence?
The GoPro Filmmakers Kit comes with a...
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!
There is literally nothing to lose. We offer a 30-Day No-Questions Asked Full Refund Money Back Guarantee. Which is stupid simple and pretty much never heard of.

Your frustration ends here my friend. 

All you have to do is click the buy button below, fill out the order form and you’ll be redirected to our online school where you can consume all your GoPro training bundled in this Kit(registration takes 30 Seconds max).
Kit's Value:  $793 
(including bonuses)
Normally: $347
Today Only: $49
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